Picture of me

Hello World!

My name is Muhammed, I’m a software engineer, based in Estonia.


Sakarya University

Computer Science

2016 - 2020

I studied computer science for 4 years at Sakarya University, Computer Science department. Sakarya University gave me an opportunity to work at Toyota Europe in the faculty.


Toyota Europe

Fullstack Developer

2017 - 2020

I was working at the university project office of Toyota while I’m studying. We were developing factory automation systems. We used Spring, Nodejs for backend and wide variety of javascript libraries for frontend.

Orion Innovation

Java Developer

2020 - 2021

Orion Innovation formerly NetRD (research and development company of Netas) is a telecommunication company. We were maintaining a huge and well maintained Voice Over IP application, I was in the team which is responsible for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) adoption. I was mainly dealing with Java service communications with new DevOps tools like Ansible and Terraform.


Java Developer

2021 - 2022

GittiGidiyor was an e-commerce company, software infrastructure was consisting of dozens of microservice. I was working at the BFF Service for mobile applications. We were getting really high traffic at those times. I learned a lot while working at GittiGidiyor, I met with monitoring and distributed tracing terms in here. Unfortunately eBay decided to close it's operations in Turkey at June 2022.


Software Engineer

2022 - 2023

Getir is a fast delivery company, I have worked on return/refund service for 2 months and I was working at the order service in the remaining time. We have used Nodejs and Java for backend development.

Kuehne + Nagel

Software Engineer

2023 - Present

Kuehne + Nagel is a global logistic company from Germany. I'm working at the Tallinn office, I'm a member of team who works on a Order Management Application. We are heavily using Java for our backend development and sometimes we use React.js for frontend pages. Apart from the technical things, this position gives me an opportunity to experience German culture at the work and experience Estonian culture in the city.

Main Skills
Vector of skillSpring
Vector of skillReact
Vector of skillGo
Other Skills
Vector of skillGit
Vector of skillDocker
Vector of skillAnsible

I have experiences with different technologies but I heavily use the ones above.

I used Node.js in 2 different companies(Toyota Europe and Getir). I used Angular in my failed startup, I created Flutter apps as my hobby projects. There are lot to mention but I prefer to write here the ones which I have highest confident.

I personally use Golang in my hobby projects and it was the backend of this website. I loved it! I couldn’t find a chance to use it in my professional carrier yet but it will be the backend for my future hobby projects.

I really like to use Spring but I don’t use it in my hobby projects because of the memory consumption of JVM, I know there are solutions for that for example GraalVM Native Image, Spring Native, Quarkus, Micronaut etc. I really loved Go language it gives me different perspective to solve real world problems without a OOP mentality.